Strategic Partnerships

Who We Work With

Benefits of Partnership with IWOD Services

-We pay to work with you, offering excellent compensation simply for your referrals.

Our Partners are professionals with clients in need of funding for real estate transactions of all types, i.e. purchase, refinance, distressed assets, discounted payoffs, etc.

Our services have been found to be of value to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, title companies, and financial advisory companies.    

*Hard Money/Bridge/Private Lenders‍‍‍*:  We take out your financing and provide your borrowers with Stated Income, permanent loans.  Our LTV's and UW guidelines are similar to most bride lending requirements, providing an excellent fit to take out you borrowers.  With no income or asset verification, tax returns, or restrictions on properties owned, we offer a solid exit strategy.  

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-Our products are built with "Main St" borrowers in mind.

-We DO NOT require tax returns, or income/asset verification.  We provide TRUE Stated Income Loans.

-You can receive revenue from transactions that will occur in your deal anyways.  

-REAL ESTATE AGENTS: We will dedicate a section to you below.

-Lawyers, Title Companies, and Financial Advisors will appreciate our ability to work with clients that are not bankable (for any number of reasons), or who want asset based financing.  Please see our Commercial Real Estate Financing page for details on our programs.

-We can close Investor 1-4 Residential properties in 10 days.

‍‍‍Real Estate Professionals

-You can receive revenue from transactions that will occur in your deal anyways!

-You are not limited to closing purchases or sales to receive revenue!

-Residential Agents: Diversify your client base by working with investors and business owners.  Clients who receive financing from you will often explore real estate brokerage representation as a result.

-Commercial Agents: We can help you close more deals and receive revenue for your non-bankable clients/investors.  Assist your landlords and business owners to refinance their properties.

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